Coffee Shop Blues and Veneer

The neighborhood coffee shop fireplace is lit, throwing very little heat as it is mostly for show. “Ambiance”
A couple of commercial developer types huddle near the window and talk about the winter weather for far too long before they launch into pronouncements and egos.
A twenty-something young professional navigates the snow-covered sidewalks in impractical 3-inch heels and short skirt; the slush muffling the sounds of her pixie walk.
Unemployed for 4 weeks, I’m grateful for the early morning coffee date with a friend to force me out of bed before 10 am, showered and out of the depressed anonymity of my home.
Except I didn’t shower.
And my friend would be 20 minutes late.
I set my flapped snow headwear on the empty seat next to me, stomp my brown work boots to disburse the snow under the table, and glance at my watch.
I have nowhere to go. And no one to be.

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